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    And to this day


    Griffin Service is run with those same goals in mind: to be the professional HVAC contractor who:

    Actually know what they're doing,

    Can fix what others can't, and

    Provide the professionalism and service you deserve (and that's so often lacking in today's world).

    Now that we also do plumbing and sewer services


    we carry that same attitude and philosophy over to that industry. Our plumber in St. Johns, FL, and nearby areas can work on:

    • Plumbing

    • Drain & Sewer Cleaning

    • Sink Repair & Installation

    • Sink Replacement

    • Slab Leaks

    • Toilets

    • Garbage Disposal

    • Showerhead Replacement

    • Faucets

    • Pipe Repair

    • Sump Pump Repair

    • Appliance Leakage

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    Let's face it, no one calls an AC or plumbing company in St. Johns, FL, and nearby areas because they want to. They do it because they've got a problem. Our goal is to not only fix your problem and fix it right but to make you glad you called Griffin Service.

    We serve:

    • AC Repair St. Johns, FL

    • Plumber in St. Johns, FL

    • Drain & Sewer Cleaning St. Johns, FL

    • Electrical Services St. Johns, FL

    • Water Softener & Filtration St. Johns, FL

    • AC Repair St Augustine, FL

    • Plumber in St Augustine, FL

    • Drain & Sewer Cleaning St Augustine, FL

    • Electrical Services St Augustine, FL

    • Water Softener & Filtration St Augustine, FL

    • AC Repair Jacksonville Beach, FL

    • Plumber in Jacksonville Beach, FL

    • Drain & Sewer Cleaning Jacksonville Beach, FL

    • Electrical Services Jacksonville Beach, FL

    • Water Softener & Filtration Jacksonville Beach, FL

    • AC Repair Jacksonville, FL

    • Plumber in Jacksonville, FL

    • Drain & Sewer Cleaning Jacksonville, FL

    • Electrical Services Jacksonville, FL

    • Water Softener & Filtration Jacksonville, FL

    • AC Repair Fruit Cove, FL

    • Plumber in Fruit Cove, FL

    • Drain & Sewer Cleaning Fruit Cove, FL

    • Electrical Services Fruit Cove, FL

    • Water Softener & Filtration Fruit Cove, FL

    • AC Repair Orange Park, FL

    • Plumber in Orange Park, FL

    • Drain & Sewer Cleaning Orange Park, FL

    • Electrical Services Orange Park, FL

    • Water Softener & Filtration Orange Park, FL