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Have you recently noticed the quality of your water? If you have concerns about its taste or odor or its overall quality, a plumber in St. Johns, FL, from Griffin Service can help. We offer an assortment of affordable, effective, and efficient water treatment and filtration solutions for every need and budget.

Water Filtration Solutions Ideal for Your Needs

We're an all-in-one, Home Advisor-screened and -approved, Google Guaranteed plumbing company with firsthand knowledge of what matters most to our clients. If you have concerns about hard water or other water quality issues, we offer cost-effective water filtration solutions that leave you with water that's better for your health, appliances, clothes, dishes, and plumbing.

When it's time to choose a water filtration system in St. Johns, FL, there are many options to consider. If you prefer to improve the quality of all water coming into your home, a whole-house system achieves this goal. You're also welcome to consider systems or units that use specific filtration processes to remove impurities and excess minerals from water. These include:

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    Reverse osmosis (RO) systems:

    A semi-permeable membrane is used to remove an assortment of unwanted particles from water with RO systems, including larger ones.

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    Ultra-filtration (UF) systems:

    These systems use a porous membrane to remove contaminants, but minerals are left in place.

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    UV systems:

    Ultraviolet light is used with UV systems to remove impurities in a more natural, chemical-free way.

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    Water distillation systems:

    Contaminants are removed in these systems by briefly turning water into vapor before liquefying it again.

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    Aeration systems:

    These systems improve water quality by adjusting oxygen saturation levels and oxidizing soluble iron and manganese.

Benefits of Water Filtration Systems

A properly installed and maintained filtration system can make a noticeable difference in the quality of your water. This results in fewer issues with your pipes and fixtures. You'll also benefit from having water that's much safer and healthier to drink and use for cooking, bathing, and showering. Additionally, you'll be able to do dishes and laundry without mysterious stains and other frustrating issues often caused by mineral heavy water.

Water often comes from a municipal source or a nearby treatment plant. Well water is also fairly well filtered today. Even so, there are times when water needs some extra help to improve its quality with a filtration system. Signs you need to consider any of our water treatment services include:

  • Soap scum and similar stains
  • Water with an "off" taste or noticeable odor
  • Unexplained issues with digestive ailments
  • Cloudy or discolored water
  • Appliances that use water frequently need repair or replacement

Main Causes of Water Quality Issues

The quality of your water can be affected by many issues during its journey from its source to your home. One possibility is groundwater contaminants or excess minerals not fully removed during the initial treatment process. Another possible contributing factor is rust and other corrosive materials that get into water that comes out of your faucets.

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