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Benefit from 30-plus years of experience by making Griffin Service your top choice for AC and heating repair in St. Johns, FL. Along with responding quickly to repair requests, our heating and cooling technicians address an assortment of issues and needs, including replacements, tune-ups, and new installations.

Dependable AC/Heating Repair Service

Expect legacy, legendary service from the time you first contact us. Google Guaranteed and BBC-accredited, we're a dependable and respected local company committed to exceptional service in every way that counts. Call an HVAC contractor from our team for heating or AC repairs in St. Johns, FL, and know your comfort will soon be fully restored.

It's generally best to avoid attempts to repair any type of home comfort system, whether it's a central AC unit, furnace, or window unit. One reason we say this is because of the potential to unintentionally worsen the problem or create new ones. Additionally, not having professional AC and heating services made could affect warranty coverage. Fortunately, our team comes to each service call with a fully stocked truck, which means faster results with appropriate parts.

Common Causes of AC and Heating Failure

An air conditioning or heating system can fail for many reasons. In some situations, age is the main culprit simply because of regular wear from use. Other possible contributing factors include:

Faulty parts, connections, or wires

Lack of regular maintenance

Incorrect sizing of your system

Accumulated dust, dirt, and debris can also reduce efficiency

If a heating or AC replacement is the only option to consider, rest assured that we will notify you right away. This way, you can make a well-informed decision that fits your needs and budget.

Signs Your Air Conditioning Unit/Heating System Needs Repairs

No warm or cool air is one of the telltale signs it's time to give us a call. However, there are some other indications it's best to take this step to look for as well. Ask us about heating or AC repair when you notice:

  • Humming, clicking, and other unusual sounds during operations
  • Cycles that are too long, short, or infrequent
  • Leaks around parts carrying refrigerant
  • Failing to achieve the preferred indoor temperature
  • Odd odors during operation
  • A noticeable drop in your indoor air quality

How Regular AC and Heating Maintenance Benefits You

Heating and AC maintenance play a significant role in extending the life of your cooling system, furnace, heat pump, or any other mechanical source of home comfort. This, in turn, means extra savings for you. Regular maintenance is also a cost-effective way for smaller issues to be identified, diagnosed, and resolved before emergency assistance is needed.

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