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Maintaining indoor comfort is even more important when you live in Florida. While this largely applies to air conditioning, there are times when heat is equally needed. When prompt, reliable results from trusted technicians are what you are looking for, count on Griffin Service. We specialize in providing dependable AC and heating repair in St. Augustine, FL. We're also here for you when it's time to discuss a new HVAC system or replace an aging or inefficient one.

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Rated highly by Home Advisor as well as accredited by the Better Business Bureau, Griffin Service has the experience, skills, and resources to service, maintain, and install a wide variety of heating and cooling systems. Know if anything is affecting the system you depend on to maintain your indoor comfort, we'll resolve the issue and restore your peace of mind. We're also available after hours and on weekends and holidays since having the need for an HVAC contractor rarely happens when it's convenient.

Our range of heating and AC services is second to none. Make sure to contact us right away to prevent worse issues from happening.

Benefits of Professional AC and Heating Solutions

The HVAC systems commonly used today are extremely complex, especially if you have one with a smart thermostat, zoning, and similar features. Having our experts perform an AC or heating repair ensures these more complicated systems are correctly fixed, adjusted, or replaced.

Additionally, professional heating or AC repair reduces the risk of damage to your home if repairs aren't done right, or invalidating any warranties still in effect. Lastly, having our technicians take care of repairs means you'll soon have indoor spaces that are once again comfy and cozy.

Extending the life of your heating or cooling system is one of the more cost-effective and appealing benefits of regular heating and AC maintenance. Contacting us for routine maintenance comes with these additional benefits:

Fewer costly and urgent repair needs

Improved heating/AC system efficiency

More consistent indoor comfort

Better air quality inside your home

Frequent Causes of AC and Heating Failure

Normal wear-and-tear is one possible reason why your AC or heating system may fail. This can also happen if you have a system that's not properly sized for your home since it has to work harder to achieve the desired temperature. Other causes and contributing factors may include lack of regular maintenance, faulty or worn mechanical parts, and a buildup of dirt and debris.

A lack of warm or cool air when your system is running is one sign it's time to give us a call for prompt AC or heating services. We also recommend taking this step if you're experiencing or noticing the following signs:

Energy bills going up for no clear reason

Leaks around where the refrigerant runs

Odd sounds or smells

Cool or warm spots where you usually don't have these issues

Unexplained and fairly sudden issues with the quality of your indoor air

You can also rely on us to note right away if a heating or AC replacement is needed. This allows you to decide on a more cost-effective option immediately.

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