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An experienced plumber in Jacksonville, FL, from Griffin Service is ready to respond when assistance is needed. Whether it's a relatively minor project or problem or something more involved, we're prepared to leave you 100% satisfied with our work.

Our Main Plumbing Services

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    What's going on with your sewer lines? If you're noticing soggy spots on your lawn and other signs of a sewer-related issue, give us a call. We make prompt, long-term repairs to sewer lines with reliable methods.

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    Any pipe issues should be reason enough to contact us. The Griffin Service team diagnoses and solves pipe-related problems as quickly as possible so we can repair them in the most efficient and affordable way possible.

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    Worry less when a storm comes and know your sump pump will be ready to kick in by giving us a call if repairs are needed. We expertly pinpoint any mechanical or structural issues with sump pumps so steps can be taken to restore regular function.

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    Avoid costly damage to your home by contacting us if you're seeing signs you likely have an appliance leakage. Our technicians precisely identify leak sources so hoses or other connections can be tightened, replaced, or fixed.

Other General Plumbing Services We Offer

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    Get more life out of your sink and its connecting parts by contacting us when repairs are needed. We also take care of new sink installations.

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    When it's time to replace an older or outdated sink in your home, give us a call.

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    We use modern technology and proven methods to locate slab leaks so we can take the appropriate steps for repairs and restore safe, full flow.

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    Our local plumbing experts quickly and thoroughly repair toilets that are leaking, overflowing, or backing up – and we install new ones, too!

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    Give us a call if you're experiencing any issues with your home's garbage disposal or if it's time to replace what you're using now.

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    Treat yourself to an efficient and attractive new shower head that's installed and ready for your use.

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    Whether it's annoying drips or the need for expert installation when it's time for a replacement or an update, we've got all your faucet needs covered.

Why Our Services Matter

It's never a good idea to put plumbing-related issues on the back burner. By calling our experienced plumbing pros at the first sign of a problem, you'll also reduce your risk of costly water damage and prevent smaller issues from becoming bigger ones. This also applies to emergency plumbing situations, especially with water-related damage that could affect floors and other parts of your property.

You can also avoid needing frequent plumbing repairs when it comes to these issues:

  • Leaks:

    Age, corrosion, and soil shifts are among the factors that can contribute to leaks. Reduce your risk of being surprised by a leaking pipe or faucet by having minor problems taken care of as soon as your first notice them. Also, call us to schedule routine plumbing inspections so potential issues can be dealt with early.

  • Clogs:

    Clogs can affect all types of drains, often due to regular use and the accumulation of debris and various materials. Avoid issues with clogs by not putting things down drains that don't dissolve well and having a separate container for cooking oils and greases.

  • Water Heater Issues:

    All water heaters need attention at some point. Avoid being surprised by serious problems with your home's water heater by having the anode rod checked every few years if you have a tank. Also, flushing once a year helps remove excess sediment.

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