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Need a plumber in Fruit Cove, FL, due to an urgent water heater problem? In situations like this, you'll be glad to consult Griffin Service. In addition to arriving promptly to address and resolve water heater issues, we're the company to call on when your current unit needs a replacement or an upgrade to a tankless model.

We specialize in gas and tankless water heater installation, although we can service any water heater in your home that needs professional attention. Rest assured we'll fully assess the situation with anything involving a leaking water heater or one that's not functioning as expected in any other way. We also maintain existing units to help you get more years of life out of your water heater.

Benefits of Professional Water Heater Repair

Regaining access to the hot water you need for your daily needs is one of the most appreciated benefits of having your water heater professionally repaired. Having the work done by our trained, licensed, and certified technicians also assures you that we will identify and resolve the problem. What's more, professional water heater repair in Fruit Cove, FL, keeps any existing manufacturer warranty for your water heater valid.

Maintaining your home's source of hot water is what ultimately reduces the need for water heater replacement sooner than what's typical. Routine maintenance that includes inspections of all key parts, components, and connections and checking the anode rod on conventional water heaters also improves efficiency. In turn, you benefit from lower utility costs. A well-maintained water heater is also one that's likely to last longer.

Signs Your Water Heater Needs to be Replaced

Having an older water heater in need of increasingly frequent repairs is one of the signs it's time to talk to our plumbing company about replacing your water heater. Other signs a replacement is worth considering include:

  • Rusty or discolored water
  • A severe leak – especially with a tank-based water heater
  • A noticeable lack of efficiency
  • Your water heater is no longer correctly sized for your hot water needs

The repair process with a water heater starts with determining the source and full extent of the problem. In some cases, repair simply involves replacing a defective valve, element, or component or making a few adjustments. Other times, however, there may be a need to weigh repair vs. replacement options. If this is what applies to your situation, we'll give you an honest recommendation so you can decide what's best for your budget and needs.

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