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Ease your stress when you need a plumber in Fruit Cove, FL, and make Griffin Service your first choice for general plumbing services. We're a Google Guaranteed company with a reputation for quality in every way that counts. Regardless of what's going on with your plumbing, we've got you covered.

Primary Plumbing Services

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    As specialists in sanitary services, we address a broad range of sewer issues. When repairs are needed because of leaks, tree root intrusions, or other issues, we'll leave you with properly repaired and fully flowing sewer lines.

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    Licensed, insured, and completely local, our technicians fix pipes in need of prompt, top-quality repair. With water lines, we make repairs if your pipes are affected by corrosion, temperature changes, excess water pressure, or age.

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    Contact us if your sump pump is showing signs of failure or if you're noticing flooding, motor problems, or signs of discharge line issues. We also respond to issues stemming from lack of maintenance and improper sizing.

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    Is your ice machine or washer leaking? We accurately diagnose and fix appliances that are leaking due to worn hoses or other problems with connections that transport water. Our local service providers can also repair other home appliances needing attention for different reasons.

Other General Plumbing Services We Specialize In

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    If your sink is out of line or not connected, give us a call. We're also at your service when you need a new sink correctly installed.

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    Ready to update your sink in Fruit Cove, FL? We'll get the new sink you prefer ready for daily use.

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    If you have a known or suspected leak under your slab foundation, we use advanced technology to find the source and address the issue.

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    For times when a plunger doesn't do the trick, give us a call for toilet repairs. We also install and replace toilets when this is the preferred or more cost-effective option.

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    Our team addresses all types of disposal concerns, including clogs and motor issues. We also expertly install new units if you're ready for a replacement or a first-time installation.

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    If your shower head isn't cutting it anymore or is affected by rust and corrosion, we'll replace and install a new one suitable for your needs and preferences.

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    Say goodbye to dripping faucets or any other faucet-related plumbing woes by giving us a call. We're also here for you when your faucets need a repair or installation.

Always Prioritize Emergency and Routine Plumbing Services

In addition to reducing the risk of costly property damage, being diligent about plumbing repairs saves you time and money by addressing smaller issues before they turn into costlier and more involved ones. Emergency situations involving your home's plumbing also need to be assessed and resolved ASAP to contain the problem quickly and take the steps necessary to resolve it.

Here are the common routine and emergency plumbing problems and the ways you can avoid them:

  • Avoid the use of drain cleaning products and call us for professional cleanings every year or so. Clogs can also be avoided by putting wastebaskets by sinks and not putting grease and other materials that tend to contribute to clogs down drains.

  • Leaking Pipes/Fixtures

    Water treatment is one way to avoid leaks by removing corrosive minerals from your home's water. Calling us about routine plumbing inspections is another step that can minimize your risk of being surprised by leaks.

  • Water Heater Problems

    All water heaters benefit from flushing, referring to the process of draining to remove excess dirt and minerals, at least once a year. It's also a good idea to call us about minor water heater issues when an issue is first noticed to prevent serious problems.

  • Burst Pipes

    Keep an eye on your home's water pressure to prevent bursting. Also, have aging or corroded pipes replaced before they burst from deterioration, wear, or excess pressure when signs of damage are evident.

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