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Griffin Home Service is the proven industry leader in AC, heating & home performance installation, repair and maintenance services in the Greater Jacksonville, FL area. Whether you are in Saint Johns, Saint Augustine, Ponte Vedra or somewhere else, we will exceed your expectations for AC and heating services on the First Coast. Our work is backed by our Griffin written guarantee.


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    Serving the Greater Jacksonville Area and Beyond


    Home Advisor screened and approved, Griffin Service is the company to trust for all your indoor comfort needs in the greater Jacksonville area, as well as Saint Johns, FL, and nearby areas we also proudly serve. We're an experienced, highly dedicated Google guaranteed business that takes customer satisfaction seriously.

    We primarily meet and exceed the expectations of residential clients throughout our service areas. However, our seasoned local technicians also address an assortment of commercial service needs as well. If it needs repaired, maintained, installed, or cost-effectively updated, we're the company to trust to get the job done promptly, thoroughly, and affordably.

    Why Choose Us

    Griffin Service is a BBB-accredited business backed by a team of local experts prepared to take on both minor and more involved tasks with equal efficiency and value. We further treat our customers to results that make a difference with top-notch service that includes:

    • Upfront quotes before any work is done
    • Reasonable, transparent pricing
    • Quality products from brands you know and trust
    • Prompt emergency service assistance

    What We Provide


    Let us address your cooling needs, particularly:

    • AC Repair - If your AC conks out at the worst possible time, give us a call. We come prepared with everything needed to get your AC up and running again.
    • AC Replacement - When it's time to consider a new cooling system, we're here to help. We offer advice specific to your home comfort concerns so you can invest wisely in a new air conditioner.
    • AC Installation - We've also got you covered when it's time to discuss a new or first-time cooling system installation. Once all decisions have been made, we'll get everything set up for you.
    • AC Tune-Up - Keep the cooling system you already have and depend on in tip-top shape by giving us a call for regular AC tune-ups and inspections.
    • AC Components - We carry an assortment of AC components and parts. This makes it easier for our service team to make repairs or updates as necessary.
    • Mold in AC - Mold in your air conditioning unit should be a reason for concern, but it's a problem that can be safely and effectively addressed by giving our team a call.
    • Heating Repair - Stay warm when days and nights get cooler in Florida by contacting us for fast, local heating repair service.
    • Heating Systems - We repair and service all types of commonly used home heating systems, including furnaces, heat pumps, and boilers.
    • Heating Maintenance - Get more life out of your existing heating system by contacting us for routine heating maintenance service.
    • Heat Pump Installation - Enjoy a convenient source of heat that can also effectively and efficiently cool your home in the summer by calling us to discuss a heat pump installation.
    • Furnace - Our experienced HVAC technicians install, repair, and maintain gas and electric furnaces throughout our Florida service areas in a way that's budget-pleasing and tailored to your preferences and needs.

    Consider working with our experts for the following plumbing services:

    • Sink Repair & Installation - We repair sinks and connecting parts when prompt, local assistance is needed. We also complete new sink installs for remodels, kitchen/bathroom updates, or new construction.
    • Sink Replacement - If your current sink no longer fits your preferences or has other issues, give us a call to discuss your options with a replacement sink.
    • Slab Leaks - Find out for sure if you have a slab leak issue, so repairs can be made in the most effective and cost-effective way possible by giving us a call if signs of a leak are noticed.
    • Toilets - Our plumbing pros unclog toilets, repair or replace internal parts, fix loose connections, and install highly efficient new toilets for customers throughout our service areas.
    • Garbage Disposal - If your disposal is backing up, clogging, or not operating at all, give us a call for garbage disposal repair. We also install new disposals and replace ones no longer repairable.
    • Showerhead Replacement - Enjoy the many benefits of an updated showerhead, or one that's more efficient and in line with your personal preferences with design and features.
    • Faucets - We're the company to call on when your faucets are dripping or leaking. Our plumbing professionals also expertly take care of faucet replacements and new installations.
    • Pipe Repair - Get your pipes repaired and restored in a way that won't stretch your budget by making Griffin Service your first choice for pipe repair in any of our Florida service areas.
    • Sump Pump Repair - Trust our team to arrive as quickly as possible if you're dealing with backups, overflows, mechanical problems, or other sump pump issues.
    • Appliance Leakage - Call us if you're noticing water leaking from any of the appliances or the connecting hoses you depend on for your daily needs and regular routines.

    Count on our air duct technicians for:

    • Air Duct Cleaning - If you can no longer recall the last time you had your air ducts professionally cleaned, give us a call. A professional cleaning helps your HVAC system work efficiently while also improving indoor air quality and flow.
    • Air Purification - The right approach to air purification is a cost-effective way to improve how your air ducts function while also boosting the quality of the circulated air in your home.
    • Asthma Prevention - Minimize issues with asthma symptoms worsened by airborne containments by contacting us for regular air duct inspections and cleanings.
    • Molds In Air Ducts - Call today to schedule a thorough cleaning of your ducts if you're noticing signs of mold or airborne mold spores likely traveling through your ducts.
    • Air Purification System - Say goodbye to issues with poor indoor air quality by learning more about the air purification options and solutions we offer.
    • Air Filtration System - Improve the quality of the air in your indoor spaces by contacting us so you can choose an air filtration system that's just right for your home and budget.
    • Humidifier - If the air in your home is too dry, a humidifier is an effective way to add just the proper amount of moisture to your indoor air to improve your personal comfort.
    • Dehumidifiers - Give your AC a helping hand and minimize issues with excessive humidity in your home at the same time with a dehumidifier suitable for your needs and budget.
    • SolaceAir Products - We install and service high-quality SolaceAir products that can play an important and very much appreciated role in improving your indoor air quality.

    We're your top local source for electrical service throughout our Florida service areas. Our range of electrical service options includes panel updates, surge protection, and standby generator installation, repair, and maintenance.

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