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For over 30 years, our indoor air quality experts at Griffin Service have been creating and installing cooling and heating solution systems for millions of families living in the surrounding areas of Jacksonville, Saint Johns, and Saint Augustine, FL.

With our experience and top-of-the-line methods and products, we leave our clients living better and healthier lives. Call us at 904-299-5050 or visit our contact page here, to know more about our services. It is important for our HVAC company to make the quality of your indoor air better. You’d rarely think that the air inside your home is safe from outside pollutants that can be emitted from vehicles, factories, and smokers going about on the street; however, there are products and routines, which you use and do, that can negatively affect the quality inside your property. We specialize in:

Healthy Air Service

Everyone knows that air is an element that can easily enter and exit any given space, as long as there is a crevice it can access. Because of its ability to pass through any gap, crack, or hole, it is uncertain what type of particles it contains whenever it circulates within your home.

Dust, dirt, and other allergens are just some that can be found in the realm of possibilities, and if they are not immediately taken care of, these minuscule substances may be the causes of various respiratory and skin-related illnesses and diseases. Thankfully, you are able to purchase the perfect machines that you need to combat these events, and they are known as air cleaners.


These air pollutants can come from:

  • Carpets

  • Paint

  • Teflon fumes from cooking equipment

  • Chemicals found in craft supplies

  • Chemicals found in cleaning products

  • Hairsprays

  • Particles coming from dry-cleaned clothes

  • Second and third-hand smoke

  • Fumes coming from stoves

  • Gasses coming from the chimney

  • Mold, pollen, and mildew

  • Building materials

From these various products and practices, you are exposing yourself to harmful toxins which, if constantly exposed, lead to skin and respiratory diseases and illnesses.

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    Air Quality Index

    Air Quality Index (AQI), is one way to tell the quality of your home’s air. It tells you if your indoor air quality in Jacksonville, FL, or nearby areas is satisfactory or unsuitable, by following a system that relies on fixed measurements and a color-coded system.

    • Green (0 to 50):

      Air quality is considered satisfactory. Pollutants can cause very little to no health risks.

    • Yellow (51 to 100):

      The quality of the air is acceptable; however, there are some pollutants present that can affect people, who are usually sensitive to air pollution.

    • Orange (101 to 150):

      People who are sensitive or allergic to these particles are most likely to experience discomfort. The general public, however, does not.

    • Red(151 to 200):

      Everyone will begin experiencing the effects of air pollutants such as sneezing, coughing, irritation in the eyes, and the like. For sensitive people, however, those discomforts will become more severe to their health.

    • Purple (201 to 300):

      The entire population is more likely to be affected because the quality of the air is deemed very unhealthy

    • Maroon (301 to 500):

      Everyone may experience serious health effects because the air quality has gone up to be hazardous. With this color, health risks are on high alert.

    What Is An Air Cleaner And How Does It Work?


    Like what its name suggests, air cleaners clean or purify the air that is circulating within your home. Air cleaners utilize a fan that takes in the air and moves it between its filters. It is during this stage wherein all the impure particles that are found in the air are caught, before letting it back out into your rooms. By doing so, you will be receiving indoor air quality improvement, which will not only benefit the way you live indoors but also your health.

    The Advantages Of Air Cleaning


    Since this system removes the unwanted substances that are being carried by air, you will be able to experience various benefits, which include:

    Reduction of mold, mold spores, and mildew from occurring in your building

    Improves the way you breathe inside your homes

    Removes bad odors, harmful germs and bacteria, hazardous gasses, and particles like dust and dirt

    Lessens the occurrence of allergies and allergic reactions

    Generates a safer environment for sensitive individuals

    Maintains good air quality which circulates your home

    Here at Griffin Service


    Here at Griffin Service, we know that properties located in the surrounding areas of Saint Johns, Jacksonville, & Saint Augustine, FL, deserve to have better indoor air quality. That is why our indoor air quality testing team is happy to provide you with the best air cleaners, which will definitely fit your building’s structure, lifestyle, overall comfort levels, and budget. If you need something more than an air cleaner to optimize your building’s indoor environment, we offer other kinds of home cooling and heating solution services, which include:



    Basement Sealing

    Our Top Services for Improved Air Quality

    Air Purification Systems

    An air purification system is designed to consistently improve air quality within your indoor spaces. We install top-quality systems that use UV light, polarized electronic filtration, and other highly effective methods to remove a broad range of airborne irritants and contaminants.

    Air Filtration Systems

    We offer just as many options with air filtration systems for our customers in Saint Johns, FL, and nearby areas. These systems can be used in single rooms or specific areas of your home, or in larger spaces. Filtration systems we install and service come with filters you periodically change as well as ones designed to be cleaned and reused.

    Air Cleaners

    Air cleaners use a fan to move air in your home into a device with filters. The filters are made in a way that allows a wide range of impurities to be trapped inside. The result is cleaner air inside your living spaces that's healthier and safer.


    Available in many different styles and designs, the purpose of a humidifier is to add sufficient moisture to your inside spaces. This is beneficial for times when you have issues with humidity levels that are too low in your home, or if you have concerns about dry indoor air.


    Air sealing is one way we can help manage indoor humidity levels for you if you have issues with excess moisture and humidity. We also install and service dehumidifiers that can play a role in improving indoor air quality and comfort. The common types of dehumidifiers include:

    • Portable Dehumidifier: This option is ideal for localized areas that could include a single room like a kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom.
    • Whole-House Dehumidifier: Consider a whole-house dehumidifier if you prefer to manage humidity levels throughout your home from one convenient source.
    • Heat Pump Dehumidifier: If you need an even more effective way to minimize indoor humidity, a dehumidifier that uses a heat pump to remove excess air moisture is worth considering.
    • Chemical Absorbent (Desiccant) Dehumidifier: A chemical drying agent is used to remove excess moisture with this option. These dehumidifiers are well-suited for Florida's climate.
    • Dehumidifying Ventilator: A sensor controller and fan are the two main components of this type of dehumidifier. This is an option often used in basements.
    SolaceAir Products

    One of the trusted brands we regularly work with at Griffin Service, these high-quality SolaceAir products include air cleaners and high-efficiency options that are designed with state-of-the-art technology that effectively improves indoor air quality. We'll help you find a SolaceAir solution that works well for your home, needs, and budget.

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