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    Homes and buildings in Jacksonville, Saint Augustine, and Saint Johns, FL that rely on a central air conditioning system or a forced air heating system use a network of ducts in order to distribute cool or warm air throughout your home. In order for your ductwork to do its job properly, it should be in perfect working conditions at all times.

    It’s what you can’t see . . . Your home’s ductwork can impact air quality, comfort and energy costs!

    Poorly installed or improperly maintained ductwork can lead to serious problems including energy wastage, health hazards, and uneasiness in your own home.

    Dusty, Dirty Ducts are Bad for your Home


    Dirty, dusty or faulty ductwork can cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in wasted energy. The US Department of Energy estimates that home heating systems can lose as much as 20-30 percent of their heat because of leaks and insufficient insulation in the ductwork.

    At Griffin Service, we have skilled and experienced technicians who can assess your ductwork and perform the necessary tests to determine the best course of action for your duct work and bring it to it's optimal condition.

    Upgrading to super-efficient HVAC equipment can cut heating and cooling costs by up to 50%. To get the most out of a new HVAC system, it’s important to make other improvements like: air sealing, duct sealing and additional insulation.

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    Ductwork Options


    Inspect your ductwork and professionally test its efficiency

    Recommend the best course of action for its rehabilitation

    Repair and seal ductwork leaks

    Install insulating elements to improve the ductwork’s energy efficiency

    Perform duct flow balancing to even out warm and cool air circulation in all areas of the property

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    How We Keep You In Control of Your System


    Modern Air Conditioning Systems are complex systems, where every part has to be in balance for optimum performance. Properly diagnosing a system means getting a big picture understanding of what’s really causing the problem — including measurements for proper air flow.

    When your Griffin Service AC Tech gets to your home, he will make a full diagnosis of your entire system. Then he’ll show and explain the exact problem and provide ALL of your options. You’re in control.

    The goal is to provide 5-Star, Legendary Service, where you’re thrilled you trusted Griffin Service with your AC Repair.

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