Take Advantage of the Best Off-Peak Season Deals that Griffin Service has to Offer!

Cash Back Bonus: Get an instant ROI with an extra $500 cash bonus off a system upgrade.

Efficiency Upgrade: Get a FREE 2-stage upgrade for even better comfort and lower electric bills.

Instant Rebates: Get up to $1000 of Instant Rebates from Amana for even more savings.

FREE in-home consultation:

  • Go over existing equipment
  • Measure/evaluate home
  • Discuss any problem areas
  • Perform sizing calculations
  • Put together expert options
  • Review financing options
  • Answer any questions

Important Information You Should Know About Off-Peak Season Deals from Griffin Service®

More COOL for Your Money NOW, Plus Hundreds MORE Year-After-Year

As a homeowner, you can realize Super-Savings on your A/C right after the holidays because it’s the off-peak season. During this 4-6-week time frame, you can take advantage of all sorts of special incentives, that all go away as soon as the weather even hints springtime. The savvy homeowner knows that this is the very

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The A/C Industry Secret That Could Save You Big $$$

The air conditioning industry, like most industries, has “peak” seasons and “off-peak” seasons. It probably isn’t much of a surprise to learn that the hottest summer months are the peak season in the A/C business. And, that cooler months are the off-peak times. Common sense, right? The A/C industry is not unique to these business

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Home Maintenance Doesn’t Cost… It PAYS

Our home is the primary source of wealth for most Americans. More accurately stated, the equity that builds up over time, which is compounded by proper stewardship, is often our largest single asset. It’s imperative to protect this valuable asset with proper care and maintenance.   Like a health physical, professional home maintenance is crucial

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You’re More Like Your A/C System Than You Realize

Now, don’t get me wrong… I’m not saying you’re a cyborg; part human, part machine! What I am saying is that the components of your A/C system function very similar to how your body’s systems function to keep you alive & well. Let’s compare some basic physiology to various A/C system components. Thermostat Your thermostat

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It Isn’t So Much The HEAT… As The HUMIDITY!

Humidity is an invisible force, that’s easy to overlook. Yet, it’s essential to our comfort and health at home and at work. As humans, we’re designed to live within a certain range of environmental conditions. Too HOT, too COLD, too WET, too DRY… our bodies can’t handle it and don’t like it. Too hot or

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Improving Indoor Air Quality During Allergy Season

When spring arrives, people who have allergies dread going outdoors. Although staying indoors limits your exposure to allergens, it does not guarantee that you will avoid them. To reduce your chances of getting the sniffles, sneezes, and runny nose associated with allergies, you must improve your indoor air quality during the spring. Improving indoor air quality

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What to Know Before Buying a New Air Conditioner

The decision to buy a new air conditioner requires more study than simply picking one from a lineup. If you want to get the best AC for your home that fits within your budget, you need to learn as much as possible before having it installed. Here are some factors you need to consider before having

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Commercial Maintenance, Replacement, and SafeGuard

Not all HVAC and commercial performance service providers can give you the same kind of service that you expect. Some might be able to provide you with repair services but not maintenance, while others might be able to give you the kind of HVAC maintenance you need but not in the way you expect. If

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How to Test Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality plays a big role in the health of your family. When the air inside your home is filled with particulates and contaminants, you may find members of your household suffering from a variety of ailments. To ensure that this does not happen, you need to check the quality of the air inside

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Ways to Save Money on Air Conditioning

During the warm summer months, cranking up your AC is a popular solution to the stifling heat. While you can cool your home by making your AC work harder, it will increase your utility bills. But that does not have to be the case. You can actually keep your home comfortable without raising energy costs.

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Why You Should Clean Your Dryer Vent More Often

Your clothes dryer is an appliance you use regularly, so it’s important that it’s always in ready-to-use condition. However, no matter how new your dryer is, it will eventually cause issues, such as a clogged dryer vent. When your clothes tumble inside the dryer, they leave lint and other remnants of fabrics inside the system.

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Start Filtering Your Water with HALO Water

Clean water is a staple for any household, but providing it isn’t always easy. Even when the water looks clean, you can’t be certain that it’s 100% uncontaminated. There are many things that can pollute your main water supply, and these include:   Lead, selenium, arsenic, and other heavy metals Suspended particles coming from freshwater

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The Benefits of SolaceAir

Creating a healthy indoor atmosphere starts with the quality of the air you breathe. When fresh, clean air is circulating in your property, you’ll experience less sickness and have the energy to start the day. However, maintaining the perfect air quality isn’t easy even if you clean your home every day. Indoor air pollution can

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Griffin Service is Proud to Support St. Augustine Little League

An amazing group of young men representing St. Augustine in the Little League ALL STAR tournament. Great job gentlemen!

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7-Keys To Choosing A HVAC Contractor Without Getting Ripped Off

1. Ask Around: Check with your friends and family to see if they’ve had similar work done and if they were happy with the contractor who performed the work. If they were, that’s a good place to start. Even if they were dissatisfied, at least you’ll know whom to steer clear of. 2. Phone Ahead: Call potential contractors to

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Air Conditioning Refrigerant Leak Search in St. Augustine, FL

Today, we performed a refrigerant leak search to find where the refrigerant was leaking out of a customers Goodman heat pump system. We located the leak inside the evaporator coil of the air handler inside the garage during our preventative AC maintenance services. We will replace this coil and our customer in St. Augustine, Florida

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