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A Full Range of Heating Services in the Greater Jacksonville Area


Griffin Service is focused on efficient home heating, including saving energy on heaters and heat pumps. We provide gas, electric, propane heater, and furnace installation, repair, and maintenance to residents in Jacksonville, Saint Johns, & Saint Augustine, FL. For a Heater or Furnace Estimate and Inspection by our expert HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) technicians, contact us online or call us today! Our HVAC company serving the greater Jacksonville area is proud to carry exceptional products from such brands as Daikin, Mitsubishi, Amana, Goodman, Ruud, and American Standard, and we service all makes.


High Cost of Comfort

For decades, electricity, gas, and heating oil costs were low enough that we didn’t need to worry about our monthly utility bills. But today’s growing energy demand has caused electricity and fuel prices to shoot up — and it will only get worse. Because heating and cooling make up almost 50% of your home’s energy budget, it’s critical for your heating system to be as efficient as possible.

Our Range of Services

Take a look at our full suite of heating services in Jacksonville, FL, and nearby areas:

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    If your current system is not working as intended, we can provide you with immediate repair solutions.

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    Heating Installation

    Whether you are looking for an upgrade or simply need a system for your property, our team can assure you of proper installation anytime, anywhere.

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    Extend the service life of your current heating system by having the leading HVAC services provider take care of your maintenance needs.

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    Among the heating systems we can work on are:

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      These systems use forced warm-air delivery to move heated air throughout the area. They work by converting heat from the cold temperature outdoors with the help of an electrical system, then discharging that heat inside the house

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      It blows heated air through ducts, delivering warm air by passing through air registers or grills. Furnaces can be powered by electricity, natural gas, or fuel oil.

    Griffin Service says…


    Upgrading to super-efficient HVAC equipment can cut heating and cooling costs by up to 50%. To get the most out of a new HVAC system, it’s important to make other improvements like air sealing, duct sealing, and additional insulation, which could be part of your heating maintenance.

    Read more about saving money with Energy-Efficient Furnaces.

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    You Can’t Get High Efficiency Out of a Low-Efficiency Heater or Furnace


    The older your heating and furnace equipment is, the lower its efficiency. Today’s heater and furnace equipment are a lot better at converting fuel or electricity into home heat. Even 12-year-old equipment is considered antique compared to updated state-of-the-art heaters and furnaces. Sure, it’s an investment, but you will pay for it whether you get it or not.

    Today’s new electric heating systems and furnaces are more energy-efficient than ever, so there is no reason to keep an old, clunky system. If you have an old gas or electric heater, or you notice your system is not working as well as it could be, one of our skilled HVAC technicians can help you fix it. Schedule your Heater or Furnace Maintenance or Repair today.

    Please call us now at 904-299-5050 to learn more about heating units and other temperature control systems in Jacksonville, Saint Johns, and Saint Augustine, FL; or contact us and we’ll send our professional HVAC technicians for a Furnace and Heater Inspection and Estimate to provide you our legendary services.

    How We Keep You In Control of Your Heating System


    Modern furnaces and others are complex systems, where every part has to be in balance for optimum performance. Properly diagnosing a system means getting a big picture understanding of what’s really causing the problem — including measurements for proper air flow.

    When your Griffin Service HVAC contractor gets to your home, our crew will make a full diagnosis of your entire system. Next, we will show and explain the exact problem and provide your options. You’re in control.

    The goal is to provide 5-Star, Legendary Service, where you’re thrilled you trusted Griffin Service with your heating repair in these areas we serve:

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    Why Choose Us for Heating Service


    A National Quality Home Comfort Champion, Griffin Service is pleased to be your trusted local source for 5-star heating service in Saint Johns, FL, and surrounding communities. Call on our experienced team for heating repair, installation, replacement, or maintenance and expect top-notch service that includes:

    • Upfront, pre-work quotes
    • Uncompromising value and integrity
    • A timely response from our skilled, courteous technicians
    • High-quality products that offer maximum value and efficiency

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