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Google-guaranteed, Griffin Service is the only name you need to know when you prefer top-notch service from a dependable electrician in Jacksonville, FL, and nearby areas like St. Johns and St. Augustine. With anything involving lights or other electrical parts and components in your home, quality work given the attention to detail necessary makes a noticeable difference. We are a company serving the greater Jacksonville area as well as:

We Provide Electrical Upgrade Options

Our array of electrical services covers the following needs:

Panel Upgrades

Electrical panel upgrades are beneficial if your electrical needs have increased over the years. A panel upgrade is also something to discuss with us if you have an older home that wasn't designed for modern electrical usage.

Surge Protection Installation

The purpose of surge protection is to prevent unexpected electrical spikes. It's a cost-effective way to reduce the risk of electrical fires and damage to your various devices or appliances.

  • Electrical Panel Replacement: Replacing your panel is a good idea if the one you have isn't correctly sized, or if you're having increasingly frequent repair needs related to your panel. Replacement may also be beneficial for home insurance purposes.

Standby Generators

Be prepared for those "just in case" moments in Florida by investing in a top-quality standby generator for your home. We'll help you choose one that's appropriate for your needs and workable for your budget.

Importance of Standby Generators

Severe storms can knock your electricity out. With a standby generator, you'll have access to the power you need for your home when this happens. Standby generators are also a worthwhile investment in Florida because of added benefits that include:

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    Fast results: Standby generators typically begin operating very quickly after power is lost when properly installed and sized for your home, so disruptions are minimal.

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    Long-term usage: Often connected to natural gas or propane lines, standby generators have the potential to be a source of power for longer periods of time when power can't be restored quickly.

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    Signs You Need Electrical Repairs


    Whether it's an electrical panel upgrade or replacement or wiring issues, electrical problems are best-taken care of sooner rather than later. Contact our electrical contractors in the greater Jacksonville area if you're seeing:

    Rising electrical costs for no apparent reason

    Frequent circuit breaker tripping

    Sparking from outlets or electrical components

    Flickering lights

    Burning smells – usually a sign of overheating

    Electrical Upgrade and Service FAQs

    Benefits of Hiring Professional Electricians


    Electrical work is more complicated than you may realize. This is why it shouldn't be a do-it-yourself job unless you're a trained electrician. What's more, any missteps could present serious personal and home safety risks. By hiring a professional electrician from Griffin Service, you can rest assured safety and quality will be kept front and center at all times.

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    With any of the home electrical services provided by Griffin Service, a free quote is provided upfront. This focus on customer service and satisfaction is part of what makes us a Home Advisor top-rated company. Contact our electrical contractors today for affordable, first-rate service tailored to your needs. Schedule an appointment by calling us or filling out the online form.

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