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Allergy Relief in Saint Johns, and Jacksonville FL

Molds, pollen, dust, and dirt, are particles that can irritate you, if you are constantly exposed to them. For most people, these organisms can be easily dealt with, by simply wiping or rubbing them off their body, or by taking a full shower.

Sensitive people, however, experience a more difficult time when they are exposed to these kinds of irritants. These particles can cause them to cough and sneeze uncontrollably, have difficulties with breathing, acquire uncomfortable skin allergies, and the like. We understand the importance of keeping your homes free from harmful particles and pollutants.

That is why we, at Griffin Service , have dedicated our services to create a comfortable living environment, with every home, for many years. Our legendery services can help reduce the amount of pollutants and allergens from coming in your home. Be it from our installed systems that cool or heat your property, or simple methods, like encapsulation, it is assured that your home’s environment will change for the better. Call us at: 904-298-6757 or visit our contact page here, to know more about our other services. We service all of Saint Johns, Jacksonville, & Saint Augustine, FL.

Allergy Relief

How To Allergy-Proof Your Home

Yes, having cooling and heating systems or installations present in your home can prevent these allergens and pollutants from circulating your property. However, these items can only do so much. With your help, the environment of your home can be comfortable for people who are sensitive or allergic to these particles.

Here are some of the things you can do, to keep these particles out of your home:

  • Close windows and use your air conditioning units when you want to cool your home. Do not use your electric fans because they will stir up these particles in your spaces.
  • Have your upholstered furniture and carpeted surfaces replaced. The texture of these surfaces can easily trap allergens and pollutants between their fibrous materials.
  • Always keep your home free from moisture. Dust and dirt can easily stick to wet surfaces, while mold and mildew find these places as perfect habitats for them to manifest.
  • When cleaning, wear a mask, gloves, and if possible, protective glasses, in order to avoid contact with these particles.
  • If you own pets, keep them out of your common rooms and bedrooms, so that their fur and scent will not stick on your furniture and walls. Bathe them regularly, to keep them from shedding.
  • Cover all mattresses, box springs, pillows, and the like with plastic covers or special allergen-proof fabric covers.
Allergy Proof

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How We Keep You In Control of Your System

Modern Air Conditioning Systems are complex systems, where every part has to be in balance for optimum performance. Properly diagnosing a system means getting a big picture understanding of what’s really causing the problem — including measurements for proper air flow.

When your Griffin Service AC Tech gets to your home, he will make a full diagnosis of your entire system. Then he’ll show and explain the exact problem and provide ALL of your options. You’re in control.

The goal is to provide 5-Star, Legendary Service, where you’re thrilled you trusted Griffin Service with your AC Repair.

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