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When it comes to your home environment, your family's health should be a top priority, and the quality of air has much more to do with this than you might think. Many elements floating around in your home can affect not only your air quality, but also the health of your family and other people breathing in this air.

Studies from the Environmental Protection Agency show that air inside of your home can be worse than the outside air and it can be challenging for our immune systems to handle the many different allergens, germs, gases and other airborne particles that get trapped inside your home. In fact, about ninety eight percent of airborne particles are invisible because they're less than 1 micron in size, which can put your health in danger.

However, with a high efficiency air cleaner like SolaceAir, you can protect your HVAC equipment, keep indoor air clean, lower utility bills, and lengthen equipment life.

Is Your Home Making You Sick?

Airborne contaminants and other particles can both negatively impact health and your HVAC equipment. Some of these harmful contaminants include:

  • Particles – Sub-micron particles like dust, skin flakes, pet dander, hair, smoke, and dust mite feces can be absorbed in our lungs and bloodstreams, triggering asthma and allergies.
  • Germs – Viruses, germs, bacteria and other airborne pathogens expelled into the air from coughs and sneezes.
  • Gases – Organic gases and toxic compounds can cause odors and ailments such as headaches and dizziness.

Clean Air With SolaceAir

SolaceAir is a form of "Smart AirSpace technology" that provides reliable, affordable and safe high-efficiency air cleaning products that work to trap and eliminate harmful elements before they can cause problems for you and your family.

SolaceAir Air Cleaners use electronic polarized-media technology for maximum air cleaning capability. Active electronic, polarized-media air cleaners use a safe, 24 volt current to establish a polarized electric field that works like a magnet. Airborne particles pass through the field and stick to the media where they are trapped and eliminated from your air space.

SolaceAir Air Cleaners are installed into existing filter tracks, without expensive ductwork modifications, turning your home's central heating and cooling system into a whole-house air cleaning system that cleans, disinfects and deodorizes your home. These products are designed to support the proper air flow and high intensity air cleaning that controls sub-micron particles, biologicals and gas phase contaminants so you never have to worry about your air making your family sick.

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