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Air Filtration System Service in Saint Johns & Jacksonville, FL

Air pollution, whether it's indoor or outdoor, is bad for health. But contrary to popular belief, Indoor air pollution can be 10 times worse than outdoor air pollution. This is because contained areas enable potential pollutants to build up more than open spaces do.

Griffin Service leads the market with uncompromising HVAC expert home services that exclusively cater to homeowners. We provide all kinds of indoor-air-quality control systems including air filtration, air purification, dehumidification, and many more.

Indoor pollutants in dust and air are often generated from sources such as environmental tobacco smoke, building materials, furniture, cleaning and hygiene products, air fresheners, computers, printers, cooking, and other indoor activities, and from people themselves.

These contaminants can cause many different illnesses from skin damage (skin to age prematurely, especially on the face, neck, and hands), respiratory diseases to cancer. That is why it is important to install a quality air filtration system in the household. An air filter would clean the air that circulates through your heating and cooling system and trap and hold harmful particles and contaminants that could affect your health and comfort.

If you are worried about your home environment and its air quality give us a call at 904-298-6757.

Air Filtration

Functions of an Air Filter

Indoor Air Cleaning

An air filter’s basic function is to clean the air that circulates through your heating and cooling system. Air Filters trap and hold many types of particulates and contaminants that might be present in indoor air:

  • Dust and dirt
  • Pollen
  • Mold and mold spores
  • Fibers and lint
  • Metal, plaster, or wood particles
  • Hair and animal fur
  • Bacteria and microorganisms
Dust and Dirt Cleaning

Functions of an Air Filter (continued)

Remove Odor & Gas Particles

A quality filter also removes odors and gaseous pollutants from the air.


A properly sized filter acts as a silencer for the carburation system.

Flame Arrester

In case the engine backfires, the air filter also acts as a flame arrester.

Heating Repair Services

Types of Filters

Material - Most disposable air filters are made from paper or fiberglass that traps airborne debris. Some models are electrostatic, which means they can be washed and re-used. While all filters have the same basic design, they vary in size and efficiency.

Function - From the perspective of function, it can be 3 types:

  • Pre-filters remove larger dust particles like hair and dander
  • HEPA filters remove smaller dust particles which are too fine to be trapped by the pre-filter
  • HiSiv filter removes gaseous substances and odors.

While installing or replacing current filters, it is important to check with HVAC professionals to know which type would be the best to use.

Air Filtration Type

Why Choose Our Air Filtration System & Service in Saint Johns & Jacksonville

  • We provide 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We solve problems most HVAC specialists cannot.
  • Fully stocked service and maintenance vehicles
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Customer Satisfaction

If you looking for a quality air filtration system and a professional HVAC expert to install it call us today at 904-298-6757 or contact online . Our service area includes Atlantic Beach, Doctors Inlet, Elkton, Fleming Island, Fruit Cove, Green Cove, Hastings, and throughout the state of Florida.

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