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Condensate drain pans and pipes can get broken or clogged at any time, causing a major problem. Your solution to this problem in the Jacksonville and Saint Johns, Florida area is Griffin Services and our skilled technicians.

If you seen collecting water, condensation or overflow around your drain pan, you most likely have an AC drain issue. If the water is not stopped, it will continue to flow downhill through the ceilings, walls, and flooring. Certain air conditioners contain an overflow float switch that will turn off the air conditioner.

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How to Inspect Your Drain Pan for Problems

The overflow drain pan, located underneath your indoor evaporator coils, catches condensate that forms when warm air passes over cold evaporator coils. This condensation then flows into the PVC condensate drain pipe to be directed outdoors.

By using a flashlight and about a gallon of water, you’ll be able to locate and evaluate the condition of the overflow pan and PVC drain pipe. Small holes and even cracks can be patched up with water sealant or epoxy glue. If it is beyond a simple repair, however, it’s best to contact a professional for replacement.


Turn the central air conditioning on at the thermostat and allow it to run for 20-30 minutes.

Locate the indoor air handler and look for any evidence of water around the unit.

It’s possible a cracked drain pan is causing the leak.

Before removing the access panel and inspecting the overflow pan, turn off the power to the air conditioner.

Inspect the drain pan, and check the opening to the condensate drain line for any obvious backups or debris.

Clean out the drain pan, and if there is condensate in the overflow pan, you probably have a drain line clog.

Pour a gallon of water into the overflow pan and observe the water level in the pan to verify that water drains freely into the secondary drain line.

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    Check the condition of your drain pan for cracks and leaks. While you may be able to use waterproof sealant to fix the leak, it’s probably better to just replace the drain pan.

    Homeowners can successfully replace the auxiliary pan themselves, but a professional is required for replacing the permanent drain pan.

    Griffin Service recommends cleaning the drain pan regularly to prevent clogged drain lines and curb mold and algae growth.

    How to Inspect Your Condensate Drain Line


    Locate your indoor air handler and look for the white PVC drain pipe coming from the unit and headed outdoors.

    Inspect the condensate drain line (usually 3/4” white PVC pipe) for any cracks or damage. Conduct a visual inspection of the entire drain line (indoors and out) to make sure it is properly draining outdoors.

    Find the PVC cleanout "T" (a small vertical section of the pipe) and unscrew the cap.

    Insert a funnel and slowly pour a gallon of water down the drain. If the water begins to back up, you have a drain line clog. Contact a professional or learn how to clear a drain line yourself.

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