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ompany Email Account for Employees at Griffin Service

Having a company email makes a company look more professional. Almost every company uses its business email accounts for communication. Company emails are more organized and productive. It is a safer medium for employees to communicate and critical information can be strictly monitored.

Company Email Account for Employees

Why is a Company Email Account Important?

As the world is getting globalized, Griffin Service believes in the future and its modern aspects. Having a company email account builds more trust for the customers and employees can be updated with the latest information through the mail. Griffin Service has lots of employees working under them. It is not possible to reach every individual employee if there is any new information to pass.

Having a company email account eliminates this problem as each employee will have their own personal company email account. If you have any queries or complaints then you can directly reach your manager in your respective department through your company mail.

For example, imagine you are sick and are unable to come to the office. Without physically going there or calling to inform you can simply write an email through your company email account and let your supervisor.

Your supervisor or manager will forward the email to the relevant department and grant the leave depending on the severity of your condition. It also helps to provide the details of the salary and performance layout to the individual employee. Keeping the records of messages and replies is much easier as it is permanently stored.

Other Facilities by Us

You will be surprised at what Griffin Service has to offer other than a company email account. We are happy to announce that we are also providing facilities like paid vacation time, smartphones, state-of-the-art tools, Bonuses & Splits, 1-to-1 Monthly Meetings with Leadership, Referral/Sign-on Bonuses. Because we believe, a happy employee is more productive than an unsatisfied one.

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