Ways to Save Money on Air Conditioning

Ways to Save Money on Air ConditioningDuring the warm summer months, cranking up your AC is a popular solution to the stifling heat. While you can cool your home by making your AC work harder, it will increase your utility bills. But that does not have to be the case.

You can actually keep your home comfortable without raising energy costs. As long as you use some of these economical cooling tips, you will be able to keep your utility bills at a reasonable level without compromising your comfort.

  • Don’t turn off your AC when you leave home. Instead, raise the temperature on your thermostat to keep your home relatively comfortable without actually cooling it. This will save you money because it actually costs more to turn off your AC when you leave home and turn it back on when you arrive at a very warm home. Your AC will need to work much harder to cool a warmer space from scratch and your utility bill will reflect that. that is your home.
  • Close your drapes and blinds to the sun in rooms where sunlight streams in during the day. This will help you keep your home cooler without having to lower your thermostat setting or increase the fan speed. Keeping any source of heat from penetrating your home will help keep it cool without raising your energy consumption.
  • Ensure that your AC filters are clean and your AC system is in good running condition. This will require regular maintenance from air-conditioning specialists. The cost of having your AC checked regularly is low when compared with high monthly energy bills for an AC system that is not properly cooling your home.

With these tips, you are sure to enjoy a cool home without increasing energy costs and straining your AC in the process. Other things you can do to reduce your energy consumption is to use a fan in lieu of your AC unit on the cooler nights and to install an AC that has a higher SEER rating.

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