More COOL for Your Money NOW, Plus Hundreds MORE Year-After-Year

As a homeowner, you can realize Super-Savings on your A/C right after the holidays because it’s the off-peak season. During this 4-6-week time frame, you can take advantage of all sorts of special incentives, that all go away as soon as the weather even hints springtime. The savvy homeowner knows that this is the very best time to upgrade or replace their system and cash-in for savings!

Manufacturers are all in the same boat too. When contractor sales dip, so do shipments of new units from the factory. Inventory sits. Production lines stagnate. Cash flow disappears. It’s nothing but a big, messy stress-fest. The pressure is on! Advantage YOU to snatch-up unbelievable deals, special pricing, whatever it takes to blow out boxes that are sitting in the warehouses.

Price increases always happen right at the end of off-peak, heading into peak season too. As costs rise on raw materials like steel, copper, and aluminum, salaries increase, and general inflation, prices cannot remain flat. Those increasing costs result in price increases. Buying a new system in 2020 at last year 2019 prices translate into instant savings to YOU.

A lot of people might be suffering from some degree of retail-shock right after the holidays, making it more difficult to think about investing in things like you’re A/C system. Not to worry, there are so many options to get it now and pay for it later, so you don’t miss out on an incredible deal. These No-Pay/No-Interest options also work perfect to save now, then pay when you get your tax refund too.

Pre preseason rebates are often the best of the year too. In addition to making blow-out deals, often we can negotiate some amazing instant rebates to help you save even more. These rebates are based on volume and our commitment to help the manufacturer move product out of their warehouse. The timing on any rebates is very finite for short periods of time, because they know peak season is only a couple of warmer days away. Rebates are definitely a use-it-or-lose-it opportunity for YOU to save even more.

One popular incentive we help our clients get is a FREE Efficiency Upgrade to the next level up from any model. For example, buy a standard efficiency and get a hi-efficiency for the same investment. Not only do most of the upgraded models come with extra features and benefits, they also save you money every month on your utility bills too! Our FREE Efficiency Upgrade program during off-peak season nets immediate savings right now, plus hundreds & hundreds of savings year-after-year for YOU.

PRO-TIP: Upgrading your A/C system during off-peak season is an investment that pays you immediate dividends in upfront savings, instant rebates, and efficiency upgrades, plus a continuous ROI with monthly savings on your utility bills for as long as you own the home. 

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