The A/C Industry Secret That Could Save You Big $$$

The air conditioning industry, like most industries, has “peak” seasons and “off-peak” seasons. It probably isn’t much of a surprise to learn that the hottest summer months are the peak season in the A/C business. And, that cooler months are the off-peak times. Common sense, right?

The A/C industry is not unique to these business cycles of peak vs off-peak periods. Virtually, ALL industries have them. Knowing them and capitalizing on off-peak lulls can save you lots of money.

The car industry experiences several peak & off-peak cycles also. The best time of the year to purchase a car is Oct-Dec, because car dealers are in the homestretch for their annual goals and looking to make deals. If those months don’t work, remember two additional potential prime times; 1) the end of a quarter or 2) the end of any month. 

Airlines also suffer from sales cycles too. The “prime booking window” for flights is between 3-weeks (minimum) to 4-months in advance. Traditionally, airlines also post their sales on Monday night every week. Of course, once one airline posts their sale the others respond by posting matching or competitive offers on Tuesday. Weekly offers are unusually pulled on Thursdays, making Tuesday or Wednesday the best days of the week to take advantage of off-peak specials.

Even Disney theme parks, despite their worldwide popularity, have peak and off-peak times. Essentially, anytime that kids are normally in school are off-peak for Disney, with the Jan-Mar being the slowest periods every year; meaning you can get the very best deals, especially right after New Year. Anyone who ever knows you want to avoid weekends and holidays!

In the A/C industry the off-peak season starts in the period leading up to right before Thanksgiving and extends through February. Like Disney, our industry hits an especially low off-peak low point directly after New Year. Business falls off a cliff and we are scrambling like madmen to just keep our crews busy, making it the best time of the entire year to invest in system upgrades, replacements, renovations, and more. 

PRO TIP: If you’re A/C is >10-years old or you’ve been told you are going to need to upgrade sooner than later, you ought to consider cashing-in on OFF-PEAK PRICING to save on what you already need or are planning to do anyway.

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