You’re More Like Your A/C System Than You Realize

Now, don’t get me wrong… I’m not saying you’re a cyborg; part human, part machine! What I am saying is that the components of your A/C system function very similar to how your body’s systems function to keep you alive & well. Let’s compare some basic physiology to various A/C system components.


Your thermostat is the “brain” of your A/C system. It’s the device that sends signals for your system to turn on & off, speed up or slow down, and even when to save energy when you’re not home. If your thermostat malfunctions, little else will operate correctly.


The “heart” of your A/C system is your compressor. This device is what pumps refrigerant to create the cooling or heating affect you’re looking for depending on the season. Refrigerant is like the “blood”, and is what gets circulated by the compressor to the various components in your system to create the “cool” or “warm”.


Your blower inside of your air handler is like the “lungs” of your A/C system. This component is what moves the actual air to & from your home, the same way your lungs inhale & exhale. Just like your lungs, blowers can move adequate or inadequate amounts of airflow depending on the overall “health” of your system. If your blower is “out of shape” your A/C system will have a hard time breathing properly.


The network of ducts running to the various areas of your home are like your “circulatory system”. This system of supplies & returns, trunks & branches act just like your veins & arteries in your body, bringing air to & from your air handler to be cooled or heated, then recirculated back again. Similar to blowers, ductwork can circulate adequate or inadequate amounts of airflow depending on their condition; i.e. dirty, clogged, restricted, undesized, etc.


Your air filters and other devices that clean & purify the air in your A/C system are like your “kidneys & liver”. The same way these critical organs clean & purify your blood and body, your filters keep your system and air that you breathe clean & pure too. Also, just as there are things you can do to enhance the performance of your body in this regard, there are different types of filtration and purification to improve the air quality in your home too.

Evaporator & Condenser Coils

During cooling mode, the indoor coil that “absorbs” heat from the air inside your home is called an evaporator coil, while the outdoor coil that “rejects” the heat to outside is called the condenser coil. These coils are part of the refrigeration system, and are responsible to absorbing and rejecting heat to regulate comfort, similar to how your “skin” works for your body. And, just like your skin, if you cover or block these coils with dirt or debris, their ability to work properly goes down dramatically. Both of these coils must be kept clean, so that they can effectively and efficiently take the “heat” from where you don’t want it (inside) and dispose of it where you don’t care (outside).


So, there you have it. Now you know that you ARE more like you A/C system than you ever realized. With this new knowledge, you will be able to amaze your friends and family with your expertise, as well as prevent little issues from turning into big ones because you understand the purpose of your A/C system components better. 

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