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At Griffin Service, We Fix What Others Can’t.

I founded Griffin Service as the AC company I wanted to hire, but couldn’t find — one capable of designing and properly installing systems and ductwork able to overcome all of coastal Florida’s air conditioning challenges


That’s how we became known as the home of the Florida-Rated AC and the techs who can fix what others can’t. If you’re looking for a professional HVAC contractor in Jacksonville, FL, and the surrounding areas you can trust, you've come to the right place.


And when we added plumbing and sewer services, we took the same approach — do it right, do what the other guys can’t or won’t, all for up-front and honest pricing from your plumber in Jacksonville, FL, and nearby areas.

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    Other Services


    Your property’s duct system needs professional attention from time to time. We offer a range of solutions to make sure you enjoy optimal performance all year round.

    Let us take care of your indoor air quality needs and provide you with the protection your entire home deserves.

    Apart from residential clients, we provide the solutions that commercial property owners need involving their HVAC systems.

    We can take care of the necessary attic insulation promptly and effectively.

    Benefit from modern solutions when it comes to issues affecting your thermostat. We can also provide professional installation services.

    What Does “Florida-Rated” Really Mean?


    Florida-Rated means a system engineered to overcome problems unique to Florida’s climate

    It means proper airflow to every room in the house for perfectly even cooling. It also gives you proper humidity control that will allow you to remain perfectly comfortable at 74 degrees, so your ducts don’t sweat, and you never have to fight over the thermostat. So that means you’ll never feel sticky when it rains or during the winter.

    Florida-rated means improved air quality. No more dealing with seasonal allergies, worrying about mold or mildew, or problems with dust.

    The first 5 components are essential, but they won’t deliver everything they should without the 6th and most essential piece — proper engineering and installation.

    The reason other AC companies can’t deliver Florida-Rated Systems and Florida-Rated comfort is that they don’t think outside of the box. They don’t believe the 6th piece is important, so they skip it.

    The good news is that even if you’re not ready for a replacement, Griffin Service is the HVAC company serving the greater Jacksonville area that can upgrade your existing system to Florida-Rated.

    Bottom-Line: Florida-Rated means no excuse for comfort.

    How We Keep You In Control of Your System


    Modern Air Conditioning Systems are complex systems, where every part has to be in balance for optimum performance. Properly diagnosing a system means getting a big picture understanding of what’s really causing the problem — including measurements for proper air flow.

    When your Griffin Service AC Tech gets to your home, we will make a full diagnosis of your entire system. Then we will show and explain the exact problem and provide ALL of your options for HVAC services. You’re in control.

    The goal is to provide 5-Star, Legendary Service, where you’re thrilled you trusted Griffin Service with your AC Repair.

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